40+ Amazing Gifts for a Heart Patient

Choosing heart healthy gifts for a heart patient may leave you baffled. You don’t want to sabotage their newfound healthy lifestyle by getting them a generic gift basket filled with unhealthy treats they’ll probably feel guilty for eating, do you? These ideas will fit the bill and help support their healthy diet and lifestyle.

They’ll have a smile on their face and you’ll be deemed the best gift giver ever. You may even want to purchase a few of these items yourself. Without further ado, let’s get to that list of 40+ amazing heart healthy gifts for heart patients!

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Heart Healthy Gifts To Support Physical Activity

We all know getting enough exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle. But how many of us actually get the recommended 30 minutes most days of the week?

For heart patients, staying physically active doesn’t mean you have to go from being completely inactive to becoming a muscle-head at the gym. In fact, the American Heart Association states that even low levels of physical activity (like walking) within the first year after a cardiac event are enough to reduce your chances of reoccurrence AND increase the numbers of years you have to live.

Remember, ANY ACTIVITY is better than INACTIVITY. The following heart healthy gifts will help get and keep a new heart patient on the right track.

1. Fitbit Charge 5 Advanced Fitness and Health Tracker

Image: Courtesy of fitbit.com

This health and fitness tracker can track more then just your heart rate and steps taken. It also tracks heart rate variability, hours of sleep each night, and oxygen level.

Plus, if you suffer from atrial fibrillation, this gift can notify you if your heart rate gets too high or too low using an ECG (electrocardiogram) app.

Other features include an alarm, 20 different exercise modes, smartphone notifications such as calls, texts, and appointments in your calendar and a multitude of other fun features.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

2. Xoombot Waterproof Smart Bracelet with Heart Rate Tracking

Image: Courtesy Xoombot.com

For those looking to spend less than $100, this option still provides exercise, heart rate, and sleep tracking technology. And it’s compatible with both iPhone and Android phones so you can get your calls and texts delivered straight to your wristband.

The Xoombot Smart Bracelet also includes other features such as an alarm, stopwatch, mapping your exercise routine, sedentary reminder, drinking reminder, and medicine reminder.

And just as the product states, it really is waterproof as it can be worn when diving and swimming.

Buy now: Xoombot.com

3. Tribe Fitness Running Armband & Phone Holder

Image: Courtesy Tribefitnessusa.com

When choosing the perfect gifts for a heart patient, why not encourage physical activity by getting this low-cost option along with some wireless earbuds (see next gift item below).

This armband isn’t just for runners. It’s also a good option for those wanting to start a new daily walking routine or when working out at the gym. The phone pocket fits most larger sized iPhones, Androids, and Galaxy phones. And the 100% Lycra material makes it sweatproof and durable.

Listening to music while you fit in your daily dose of physical activity has never been more stylish and comfortable. Did I mention the armband is one-size-fits-all for both men and women?

Buy now: *Amazon.com

4. MiFo O5 Plus Gen2 Smart True Wireless Earbuds

Image: Courtesy Mifo.us

Take your workouts or walks to another level with bluetooth technology. These earbuds pair perfectly with the Tribe Fitness Running Armband (above). Mifo has made these earbuds waterproof and compatible with both Siri and Alexa.

It comes with a USB-C charging case as well which can even charge your phone! These earbuds have enough power to allow you to workout for up to 100 hours before having to recharge. This gift will make you want to get more than just 30 minutes of activity in each day.

Buy now: Mifo.us

5. Running/Walking Shoes

I’ve included two different gift options here for #5. I couldn’t pick which one was best, these are both superb shoe options! If your giftee is new to fitness, it’s important to get a comfortable running/walking shoe so they start off on the right “foot”. Get it? Sorry, bad mom joke. Anyway, here are my top two shoe choices.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 39

Image: Courtesy Nike.com

The Nike Zoom Pegasus 39 is perfect because of the heel to forefoot cushioning, making it a great option for both male and female runners and walkers. And of course there are a variety of colors and sizes to choose from.

Buy now: Nike.com

Sketchers GOwalk Joy

Image: Courtesy Sketchers.com

Then there’s the other winner, the GOwalk Joy by Sketchers. I’ve always been a fan of Sketchers simply because they offer so many options that fit my criteria for maximum comfort and affordability.

These are a great option for women who want a slip-on shoe that are approved by podiatrists. What’s that? An orthopedic shoe that doesn’t look orthopedic? Yes please!

Buy now: *Amazon.com

6. Freetoo Lightweight Running Gloves

Image: Courtesy Freetogloves.com

Anyone walking on cold mornings needs a good pair of gloves. And what better pair to have then ones with touchscreen technology! The Freetoo brand makes perfect, lightweight gloves for men and women that are comfortable and stretchy.

Keep your hands and fingers warm without adding bulk and still have access to that walking/running playlist on your phone.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

7. Local Gym Membership

If the heart patient on your gift list wants to start going to the gym but has yet to do so, perhaps you can give them the push they need by purchasing a membership for them. Or take it a step further and get a membership WITH them. A workout buddy may be just the thing they need to get on the road to recovery and lifelong health.

Purchase a month or two at a reasonable price and encourage each other to keep it up!

There are several options that make going to the gym easy, even when traveling. The following gyms are located in hundreds of cities around the U.S. and also worldwide.

Buy a membership now: Click any of the links above to take you there

8. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-709

Image: Courtesy Marcypro.com

If the heart patient on your gift list is new to exercise and isn’t comfortable going to a gym, this recumbent bike will help them get in their daily cardio at home, without breaking the bank. Recumbent bikes are also great for those suffering from knee pain.

With an adjustable seat and tension control, they can make their cardiovascular workouts and easy or difficult as they like.

Other features include an LCD screen which displays your time, distance, calories burned, and speed throughout your workouts.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

9. Body Sport Vinyl Dumbbells

Image: Courtesy Healthproductsforyou.com

While cardiovascular exercise is essential to health, so is weight training. Gift the heart patient in your life these Body Sport hand weights to help them maintain their lean muscle mass and strength for years to come.

Weights are color-coded and available from 1 lb. up to 15 lbs. Keep in mind when purchasing that dumbbells are sold separately, not as a set of two.

Buy now: *Health Products For You

10. Klean Kanteen Classic 27 oz.

Image: Courtesy kleankanteen.com

You can stay hydrated in style with this eco-friendly water bottle. Klean Kanteen was the first company to make the reusable stainless steel water bottle and they’ve been changing the game ever since. My little sister, who has a degree in environmental science, gifted me my first Klean Kanteen over a decade ago and I love it! Its so durable and environmentally friendly (they are a Climate Neutral Certified Brand).

Today, these water bottles come in a variety of colors for even the pickiest of fashionistas. Features include being dishwasher-safe, BPA free, chip resistant, and lightweight. And this version comes with a removable sport cap with silicone spout.

Buy now: KleanKanteen.com

11. Hydro Flask 32 oz. Water Bottle

Image: Courtesy Hydroflask.com

Here’s another great hydration-related gift for the heart patient in your life. Hydro Flask offers double-walled, vacuum-insulated technology, so it’s ideal for both cold or hot beverages.

These bottles come in such an array of colors that it’s impossible to not find one you’ll love. They are also BPA-free and made with pro-grade stainless steel so they won’t retain odors or tastes. The only downside is that the flex slip lid is sold separately at an additional cost.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

Heart Healthy Gifts To Support Healthy Eating

You can’t expect to live a healthy lifestyle after heart surgery without addressing your diet, AKA the foods you eat on the daily basis. So next, let’s get to the heart healthy gifts that’ll help them feel incredible from the inside out without any guilt.

An overall healthy dietary pattern can protect against future disease and complications. And the best part is that diets like the Mediterranean diet and DASH diet do not just have benefits for the heart patient, but also the whole family. The family that eats together, stays together!

The following gifts will ensure that your gift recipient can confidently begin following a more healthy diet plan.

12. The Complete Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Image: Courtesy Americastestkitchen.com

A great cookbook for those ready to begin learning the Mediterranean diet way. Explore hundreds of recipes that’ll ensure you are eating for maximum heart protection.

This cookbook not only has beautiful pictures but with literally thousands of praises by those who have purchased it, you cannot be disappointed.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

13. The Everything Mediterranean Diet Book

Image: Courtesy Simonandschuster.com

The Everything Mediterranean Diet Book was co-written by a fellow registered dietitian and my mentor, Connie Diekman.

This is another great option for those wanting to learn more about the #1 diet to beat heart disease. Easy to prepare recipes, menu plans, dieting tips, and a full explanation of the Mediterranean diet are included. Encourage them to do more cooking at home. Or better yet, help them create some of these fun and healthy recipes. Food always brings people together!

Buy now: *Amazon.com

14. The Everyday DASH Diet Cookbook

Image: Courtesy Amazon.com

Another cookbook by a registered dietitian that will help inspire any new heart patient to get familiar with recipes that promote heart health. The DASH diet is known for being the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension, hence the name DASH. This diet focuses on a similar eating pattern to the Mediterranean diet.

Additionally, both the Mediterranean diet and DASH diet are endorsed by the American Heart Association as top diets to follow for optimum cardiovascular health. Try out some of these recipes today and maybe you’ll find some to add to your regular recipe repertoire.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

15. OXO Good Grips 6-Piece Canister Set with Scoops

Image: Courtesy oxo.com

Get your pantry organized and store your whole grains, cereals, flours and more. These 4.4 quart sized canisters will keep your contents fresh and come with convenient 1/2 cup size scoops for each container to make measuring so easy.

They’re also dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

16. OXO Good Grips Large Salad Spinner

Image: Courtesy oxo.com

Mix and dry your greens quickly with the OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner. I have this one and I love it! My kids even enjoy pushing the slip resistant button on top to help spin the salad for dinner.

This also has a built-in colander and cleans up in seconds.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

17. Vitamix E310 Explorian 48 oz. Blender

Image: Courtesy Vitamix.com

Yes! Vitamix, the king of blenders has a mid-sized blender at a reasonable price. This baby’s got aircraft-grade, stainless steel blades that can blend any soup, salsa, smoothie, and more to a perfectly smooth consistency. It even comes with a recipe booklet.

Other great features on this coveted blender are the variable speed controls (there are ten) along with a pulse button. And the self-cleaning capability means its ready to rock and roll all over again in less than 60 seconds.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

18. Ninja® Nutri-Blender Pro with Auto-iQ®, 1100-Peak-Watt, Personal Blender

Image: Courtesy Ninjakitchen.com

This is the exact blender I have in my home and I LOVE IT! If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a blender this is a fabulous option for the heart patient on your list.

It’s the Ninja Nutri-Blender Pro. The power (1100 peak watts) in this compact blender is beyond compare for the price.

You can crush ice and blend through whole fruits and vegetables with ease. This gift allows you to enjoy a delicious and healthy smoothie for breakfast every day with the push of a button.

Other features include two 24 oz. cups that you can use to blend your smoothie and drink from using the included spout lid. Very convenient feature!

Buy now: *Amazon.com

19. Snack Magic Snack Box Subscription

Image: Courtesy Snackmagic.com

Who doesn’t love a great curated box of goodies that are also healthy for you? SnackMagic is a snack box company that provides so many choices you won’t know which items to try first. But the good thing is, you can eventually try them all!

You can create your own box or choose a specially curated box. Plans can be set for weekly, monthly, or quarterly delivery. Snacks range from nuts, seeds, and oat bars to popcorn to chocolate to beverages and so much more! Check SnackMagic out today.

Buy now: Snackmagic.com

20. Edible Arrangements

Image: Courtesy Ediblearrangements.com

Is it a flower bouquet or is it fruit? It’s BOTH! A gift you can eat is always welcome. The heart patient on your list will appreciate a gift that is delicious and health-conscious.

The “Sun-sational Bouquet” pictured above is only one of beautiful and tasty options to choose from. And they have more than just fruit to choose. Try a basket that includes heart healthy chia seeds, nuts, and whole grain crackers too.

Buy now: Ediblearrangements.com

21. Misfits Market Online Grocery Delivery

The goal of the Misfits Market company is to reduce food waste by shipping not-so-perfect produce that is still suitable to eat and cook with. They currently offer shipping from regional farms to the Northeast, South, and Midwest United States which is expanding. Their grocery plans start at just $35 a week which include weekly delivery of various fruits, vegetables, grains, pantry stables, snacks, and beverages.

Another plus is that they guarantee a 40% reduction in prices compared to local grocery stores in your area. Who doesn’t love saving money and promoting healthy eating at the same time?

Explore delivery plans in your area now: Visit Misfits Market

Heart Healthy Gifts To Relieve Stress

High levels of stress are associated with increased blood pressure and inflammation in your body. Some studies even show that chronic stress increases your chances of developing coronary artery disease and having a myocardial infarction. Yikes!

Going through a heart surgery or having a new diagnosis of cardiovascular disease can prove to be very stressful. The following heart healthy gifts will help your heart patient reduce their stress by promoting relaxation and mental wellness.

22. Air Wick Essential Mist Starter Kit

Image: Courtesy Healthproductsforyou.com

Aromatherapy works wonders for relieving stress and anxiety. And this one offers the relaxing scent of lavender and almond oil.

This diffuser starter kit by Air Wick is a great diffuser option for newbies to aromatherapy. It’s battery-operated and can be placed anywhere you want. Each refill lasts up to 45 days on the lowest intensity setting. One neat feature is that it can be set to automatically turn on for 8 hours during the day, then off for 16 hours, and repeat.

Buy now: *Health Products For You

23. B Silent Organic Body Oil

Image: Courtesy Bamford.com

With a blend of chamomile, lavender, and vetiver, this luxury body oil is the cream of the crop.

This body oil is made to be slathered on after a shower or bath to help relax you before bedtime. It’s scent of lavender and chamomile with help diminish your anxiety in no time. And while it feels and smells bougie, it won’t leave you bankrupt. Have a relaxing night in and rest up buttercup!

Buy now: Bamford.com

24. Hugaroo Embrace Microwave Heating Pad

Image: Courtesy Amazon.com

This soft heating pad provides the warm embrace of a hug to your neck, shoulders, and upper back. Just pop it in the microwave to heat up the clay beads and real flaxseeds. Some versions can be bought unscented while others incorporate the calming scents of lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and lemongrass to help melt the stress away. This can even be used as a cold pack!

Get one for your new heart surgery patient as a gift and help them rest on their road to recovery.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

25. Calm Subscription

Image: Courtesy Calm.com

Music, sleep stories, meditations, and relaxing affirmations will calm your mind and melt your giftee’s stress away.

Calm is a popular mindfulness and meditation app. You can download the app and get a select number of breathwork and meditation courses for free. However with the yearly subscription, you have access to a wider range which includes celebrity readings, yoga, and even a kid’s area. This makes it a good option for heart patients to enjoy with their whole family.

How would you like to be soothed by a story read by Jay Shetty, Camila Cabello, or maybe Lebron James?

Buy now: Calm.com

26. Theragun Mini

Image: Courtesy of Therabody.com

This is the perfect gift for the heart patient or anyone with muscle aches. A good massage can be expensive. But this super portable, on-the-go massaging device makes easing muscle tension a breeze any time of day.

The Theragun Mini is compact enough to take anywhere and has 3 speed settings and a 150-minute battery life. Prepare to hear praises and thanks with this gift.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

27. The Heart Health Coloring Book

heart health coloring book cover
Image: Courtesy Kiran Campbell Nutrition

Did you know that coloring helps ease daily tension and relieve stress? Yup, that’s why adult coloring books are such a wonderfully therapeutic activity.

This one, created by myself, was made specially for heart patients. It’s 100 pages of unique designs, inspirational quotes and science-backed recommendations to promote a healthier lifestyle. I know your giftee will appreciate the heart healthy tips and encouragement that each page provides. Get one for you and for them! Visit the link below to get a sneak peek at what’s inside.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

28. SpaFinder Gift Certificate

women lying down on blue towel getting facial massage
Image: Courtesy Pexels.com

There’s nothing like good ol’ self-care to help get you back to well…YOU.

Perhaps the heart patient on your gift list has been neglecting themselves. What better way to help them relive stress and anxiety than to treat them to a self-care day. One way to find the best salons and spas in your area is to check out Spafinder.com. Purchase a gift card online and you have the option of emailing it, printing it off, or snail mailing it right to them. The gift cards are also good at thousands of locations and they NEVER EXPIRE!

Pssst..and if they aren’t up to going to a spa, they can even use their gift card to purchase spa products online for use at home. How convenient!

Buy now: Spafinder.com

Heart Healthy Gifts To Promote Better Sleep

Sleep is underrated. Especially in today’s age of hustle and bustle and the whole “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mentality. Everyone NEEDS at least seven hours of sleep each night in order to function properly.

According to the National Sleep Foundation and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society, adults aged 18 and above should be getting anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep per night. This can be hard when you’re in pain, have sleep apnea, or have other conditions that make getting seven uninterrupted hours of sleep each night darn near impossible.

Presents that help promote a restful night’s sleep are perfect for those who struggle to get 7 to 9 hours each night. My suggestion is to try some of the following when choosing a gift for your heart patient. They will hopefully help ease them into a deep slumber.

29. Paromi Teas

Image: Courtesy Paromi.com

For the heart patient AND tea drinker in your life, another gift to help promote sleep is tea. Drinking decaffeinated tea as part of their bedtime routine can help them wind down and relax.

Paromi is a company that prides themselves on quality tea leaves, both loose and in pyramid-shaped tea sachets. They are also organic, Fair Trade Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified and certified gluten-free. I highly recommend the Sleep With Me herbal tea or the Chamomile Lavendar rooibos tea.

Buy now: *Paromi.com

30. Cuisinart PerfecTemp® Cordless Electric Kettle

To pair nicely with your gift of the perfect cup of nighttime tea, why not also purchase an electric kettle? This one made by Cuisinart has raving reviews and has multiple temp settings for a variety of teas and also a setting for those who enjoy French Press coffee. Because coffee is heart healthy too!

This PerfecTemp Cordless kettle is BPA-free, has a 1.7 liter capacity, auto shut-off, and a limited 3-year warranty, among other impressive specs. This one might be a great gift for your household too (wink, wink).

Buy now: Cuisinart.com

31. Levata Weighted Blanket

Image: Courtesy Healthproductsforyou.com

Another sleep-promoting gift for heart patients, or anyone for that matter, is a high-quality weighted blanket. Weighted blankets help with stress relief by using a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation.

This one made by Choice One Medical is a 20 lb. weighted blanket. When purchasing, keep in mind the picture above appears slightly blue but the item description says gray.

Buy now: *Health Products For You

32. Core CervAlign Orthopedic Pillow

Image: Courtesy Healthproductsforyou.com

Getting a peaceful night’s sleep can be achieved by using the proper pillow. This orthopedic pillow by Core Products is made to provide proper alignment of your spine whether you sleep on your side or on your back.

This amazing Cerv-Align pillow may also be helpful for those with muscle and joint strains, tension headaches, whiplash injuries, arthritis, morning stiffness, and snoring (in some cases).  

Buy now: *Health Products For You

33. Sweet Zzz White Noise Machine

Image: Courtesy Sweetzzzmatress.com

If your giftee is anything like my husband, they need white noise to help them sleep. White noise machines help block out unwanted noise and can potentially promote a more restful night’s sleep. Some people like to use a ceiling fan (or any fan for that matter) for this purpose. But during the winter months, you might need another option.

The Sweet Zzz White Noise Machine can be used year round. It features 29 different background sounds, including nature sounds like sea waves, rain, and singing birds. And it can be programmed to turn off after 30, 60, or 90 minutes. It’s also great for babies and toddlers. Ahhh, I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.

Buy now: Sleepzzzmatress.com

34. Luxome Luxury Bed Sheets

Image: Courtesy Luxome.com

Having a comfortable bed (and mattress) to sleep on is essential to a restful night’s sleep. However, if you’re not willing to dish out hundreds or even thousands of dollars as a gift for your post-op heart patient, the next best thing is luxury bed sheets!

These sheets from Luxome are 100% viscose from bamboo and are made to feel so silky soft. According to Luxome, their sheets are both “moisture-wicking & thermal-regulating to help keep you cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter”. The Sleep Foundation even deemed these sheets “Best Overall” on their list of best bed sheets of 2023! With seven different mattress sizes and multiple colors, you are sure to be able to choose the perfect set for your heart patient.

Buy now: Luxome.com

Other Heart Healthy Gifts For Heart Patients

The following gifts don’t fall into any of the above categories, per se. But they are nonetheless, super fun and functional gifts to give a heart patient.

They range from books and journals, to clothing, to more humorous gifts to keep your gift recipient’s spirits up. Living heart healthy isn’t just about eating and exercise. It’s important to also address other areas, like one’s mental state and taking a holistic approach to cardiovascular health.

35. The Heart Health Lifestyle Logbook

Image: Courtesy Kiran Campbell Nutrition

This is a great resource for documenting your health journey. Created by yours truly, especially for heart patients, this 90-day journal allows heart patients to document diet, hours of sleep, and physical activity.

It also includes the 9 essential key factors to focus on for heart health, areas to document medication schedules, emergency contacts, personal health goals, and more. I can’t even begin to explain the worth of this resource. For a sneak peak of what’s inside visit the link below.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

36. The Power of Habit Book

Image: Courtesy of Amazon.com

Okay, here’s a gift for the reader and thinking person on your list. This book is the first book of its kind that I’ve ever read and actually LOVED! The Power of Habit is beautifully written and engaging. And while the cover states “why we do what we do in life and business”, your heart patient recipient can apply these principles to their diet and lifestyle changes as well.

I highly recommend this one guys. If achieving success in all areas of life are a priority, get this gift for someone who had a heart attack (or heart surgery).

Buy now: *Amazon.com

37. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure

Image: Courtesy of Amazon.com

The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Book is a best-selling heart disease and vegetarian lifestyle book. When thinking about heart healthy gift ideas, you’ve GOT to include something that helps change eating habits. And if they are contemplating switching to a more plant-forward diet, this one’s for them.

Written by best-selling author and world-renowned cardiac physician, Dr. Esselstyn, this book shows you how to not only prevent heart disease, but also how to REVERSE it if you already have damage.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

38. Heart Surgery Recovery T-Shirt

Image: Courtesy Amazon.com

The perfect gift for the heart patient with a sense of humor. This tee comes in sizes for all individuals as well as in multiple colors. These fun shirts are great quality, super soft, and depending on the color you choose, most are 90-100% cotton.

Buy now: *Amazon.com

39. Heartbeat 20 oz. Mega Mug

Maybe it’s the heart nerd in me, but I thought this mug from Cognitive Surplus was cute. Who doesn’t like a nice big mug to drink their coffee or tea out of every morning?

And even if they don’t know what each heart rhythm is supposed to look like, it’s still a super aesthetically pleasing and fun mug.

Buy now: Cognitive-Surplus.com

40. Make your own gift basket

Image: Courtesy Unsplash

Last but certainly not least is the creative idea of making your own open heart surgery gift basket. Simply buy a big enough basket from your local craft store. Carefully place everything you want to gift into it and you’re good to go!

The best part about heart healthy gift baskets is that you can customize your gift to your heart patient’s likes and make it absolutely perfect. They will love the time and effort you spent curating such a wonderful present and you’ll feel good knowing they enjoy every part of it.

Grab a few lower priced items from this list and they’ll be ready to take on the world with a new heart healthy outlook on life.


So, if you’ve thought about heart healthy gifts or wondered what to get someone who had a heart attack, I hope I provided some FABULOUS ideas. Buying gifts for a heart patient doesn’t have to be a mind-boggler. And there are so many wonderful choices out there! I’m even tempted to gift myself a few of these. 😊 These are great gift ideas not only for heart patients, but for anyone wanting to live a health-promoting lifestyle.

I encourage you to bookmark this page and refer back to this list when thinking about practical gifts for the loved ones in your life. With all the different gift-giving occasions (Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), these heart healthy gift ideas are always winners.

Happy shopping and stay heart healthy my friends!

Additional Reading: To understand more about what living a heart healthy lifestyle entails, read “5 Things You Can Do to Support Heart Health NOW“.

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