Healthy Cinnamon Cookie Butter

Indulgence takes on a new form with the mysterious allure of cookie butter. Its rise to fame in the United States, began somewhere between the years 2011 and 2015. But as a registered dietitian, I was hesitant and wondered, “why the fascination? What’s the appeal? Why opt for a spread when you could simply indulge in a cookie?” Unable to resist any longer, I delved into the realm of cookie butter experimentation. Today, I unveil a creation born of curiosity and a quest for healthier alternatives: my very own recipe for healthy cookie butter. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a skeptic, let me show you how to make a healthier alternative along with multiple possibilities for its use.

Embrace the journey with this tantalizingly healthy cookie butter recipe, and let your taste buds be the judge.

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Is Cookie Butter Healthy?

Traditional cookie butter is NOT generally a healthy food choice. This is because cookie butters, like cookies, are high in sugar, fat, and calories. Additionally, the 3 main ingredients of cookie butter are cookies, oil, and sugar.

This makes it an undesirable choice for those with diabetes, heart disease, or anyone at risk for these conditions.

If eaten regularly, the amount of added sugars, total fat, saturated fat, and calories in this food may contribute to the development chronic disease, including obesity, metabolic disorders, and other health conditions.

In all honesty, there aren’t any in-your-face health benefits of eating cookie butter. It’s a “sometimes” food that should be eaten in moderation. Which is one reason I felt the need to create a healthier homemade version. This allows you to feed into your cravings without feeling guilty about your food choices.

Reviewing Popular Brands

When creating this healthy cookie butter, I sought out two very popular cookie butters on the market.

The first cookie butter was Lotus brand Biscoff Cookie Butter*.

Biscoff cookie butter nutrition facts

This famous cookie butter is a blend of Biscoff cookies, canola oil, and sugar. For each 2-tablespoon serving, Biscoff Cookie Butter contains:

  • 170 calories
  • 11 gm total fat
  • 2.5 gm saturated fat
  • 17 gm carbohydrates
  • 1 gm of protein
  • 0 gm fiber
  • 65 mg sodium

Overall, this high-calorie cookie butter is 58% calories from fat and has very little protein or other nutritional value.

The second most popular cookie butter is Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter*.

Trader Joe Cookie Butter Nutrition Facts

This extremely raved over cookie butter is made with speculoos cookies, sugar, soy flour, and sugar syrup among other additives. Each 2-tablespoon serving of Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter contains:

  • 170 calories
  • 11 gm total fat
  • 2.5 gm saturated fat
  • 16 gm carbohydrates
  • 1 gm protein
  • 0 gm fiber
  • 55 mg sodium

Overall, making this one approximately 60% calories from fat! The taste just isn’t worth the nutritional deficits to me.

Because commercially-prepared cookie butters are not made to be healthy, it makes it difficult for people who want to enjoy this sweet indulgence without the guilt. This is the main benefit of creating your OWN cookie butter at home!

Nutritional Benefits of HEALTHY Cinnamon Cookie Butter

Now let’s analyze this Healthy Cinnamon Cookie Butter recipe.

healthy cookie butter nutrition facts

If you choose to try this healthy homemade cookie butter, you’ll be making a much better choice. Here’s the nutritional facts breakdown per 2-tablespoon serving:

  • 82 calories
  • 5.2 gm total fat
  • 1.6 gm saturated fat
  • 6 gm carbohydrates
  • 2.6 gm of protein
  • 1.2 gm fiber
  • 68 mg sodium

When comparing the 58% and 60% calories from fat from the previously mentioned store-bought cookie butters, my healthy cookie butter recipe has only 44% calories from fat. That beats the competition by a landslide.

Additionally, unlike the competitors, this cookie butter recipe is lower in saturated fat and higher in protein and fiber. It is also suitable for those with diabetes as it’s much lower in carbohydrates (only 6 grams per serving) than other cookie butters.

Even compared to peanut butter, Healthy Cinnamon Cookie Butter has less calories and fat. Peanut butter only beats this recipe in terms of the protein content, which is 7 grams per 2-tablespoons for peanut butter versus 2.6 grams for this cookie butter.


This homemade healthy cookie butter recipe needs only 5 simple ingredients. It can also be used as a base for other great cookie butter flavor options- see the Notes section in the recipe.

Kodiak Bear Bites Baked Graham Crackers*- I use these in place of traditional speculoos cookies. The Kodiak brand is known for their high protein products. Kodiak Bear Bites also come in chocolate and cinnamon! This adds to the nutrient profile of this healthy cookie butter nicely.

Cocavo– this is a good fat option for vegan baked goods. It does contain some saturated fat from coconut oil, however, this version has avocado oil as well which is a source of healthy monounsaturated fat.

Silk Almond Milk– for this healthy cookie butter recipe, I prefer to use vanilla almond milk. Feel free to use unsweetened, chocolate, or any other plant-based milk alternative of your choice.

Almond Butter– almond butter adds healthy fats and protein along with creaminess

Ground Cinnamon– I love the flavor of cinnamon. If you prefer a simpler cookie butter taste or a base for other flavors, you can leave this out.

the five ingredients needed to make healthy cinnamon cookie butter lined up on a countertop
Pictured: Ingredients for Healthy Cinnamon Cookie Butter

How To Make Healthy Cinnamon Cookie Butter

Making this cookie butter couldn’t be easier. The hardest part about this recipe is cleaning the food processor afterwards. Here is your step-by-step process for making it at home.

Step 1: Crush The Cookies

The first step is to coarsely crush the Kodiak Bear Bites graham crackers. Place seven (7) ounces of cookies into a resealable plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Alternatively, you can pulse them in a food processor.

Step 2: Add All Ingredients

The next step is adding all the ingredients to your food processor and pulsing on and off until the ingredients are a smooth consistency- think creamy peanut butter consistency.

That’s all! Now you can enjoy your healthy cookie butter plain or use it in a multitude of creative and delectable ways.

creamy healthy cinnamon cookie butter in a glass dish with blue rubber spatula sticking out

What To Make With Cookie Butter

There are so many ways to enjoy this healthy cinnamon cookie butter. My absolute favorite uses are as a dip for apples or spread onto pancakes. Here are 15 other ways to enjoy this fun dessert or snack:

  1. Spread on toast
  2. Use as a dip for pretzels, graham crackers, or cookies
  3. Top cereals, granolas, parfaits, or smoothie bowls
  4. Swirl into oatmeal
  5. Use in smoothies to make a decadent drinkable treat
  6. Top waffles and pancakes
  7. Make a milkshake
  8. Add to ice cream or frozen yogurt
  9. Add to pancake, muffin, or biscuit mix
  10. Stir into banana bread batter
  11. Swirl into brownie batter
  12. Use it in frosting recipes
  13. Make cookie butter cookies
  14. Use it anywhere you’d use peanut butter!
  15. Eat is straight out of the container

Recipe FAQ

How long does homemade cookie butter stay fresh?

If you store your healthy cookie butter in a container with a tight-fitting lid and placing it in the refrigerator, it will last up to one week. Just remember to bring it to room temperature to soften it up before using it.

Commercially-made cookie butters are treated similarly to peanut butter in that they do not need to be refrigerated. There is a larger amount of fat and additives so it doesn’t need refrigeration. However, when making your own version at home you should always refrigerate the final product. This recipe uses almond milk which requires refrigeration after opening.

Can you freeze cookie butter?

Yes, you can freeze this healthy cookie butter in an air-tight container for up to 3 months. This is a good option if you are going to be blending it in smoothies. Although if you’re using it as a dip or spread, I don’t recommend freezing your cookie butter because the almond milk and fats may separate during the freezing process. This messes with the consistency after thawing.

Can I make this cookie butter vegan?

This recipe for healthy cinnamon cookie butter is NOT vegan. This is because the Kodiak graham crackers are not vegan. However, you can easily make vegan cookie butter by swapping out the Kodiak graham crackers (which contain milk products and egg) for any gluten-free cookie you like. All other ingredients in this recipe are vegan friendly.

FYI, Lotus brand Biscoff Cookie Butter is vegan. The only allergens this brand of cookie butter contains is soy and gluten. Although for a healthy cookie butter options, I still suggest making your own by swapping out the type of cookie.

Other Sweet Treats To Try

creamy tan colored cookie butter in a round, clear, glass dish with silver spoon inserted

Healthy Cinnamon Cookie Butter

A sweet and satisfying, guilt-free craving buster. Try this healthy cookie butter alone or in other creative ways- in hot cereal, as a dip for pretzels or apple slices, or a topping for pancakes or waffles. Compared to store-bought cookie butters, this is an "sweet" alternative.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 8
Calories 82 kcal


  • 1 Food Processor


  • 2 cups Kodiak Bear Bites honey graham crackers
  • ~1/4 cup Silk almond milk vanilla
  • 2 Tbsp almond butter creamy
  • 1 Tbsp Cocavo solid coconut and avocado oil blend
  • 1 tsp ground cinnamon


  • Roughly crush the graham crackers and place them in food processor.
  • Add all the other ingredients to your food processor and pulse to combine, adding 1-2 tablespoons of the almond milk at a time until it forms a smooth and spreadable consistency.
  • Scrape the sides down as needed and pulse again until smooth.



Additional Suggestions: 
This recipe is delicious as-is, but here are other suggestions you may want to try:
    • Use a different type of cookie- such as a vegan cookie or other cookie of choice
    • Use a different type of milk such as skim milk, soy milk, rice milk, oat milk, etc.
    • Use any type of nut or seed butter (peanut butter, sunflower butter)
    • Add vanilla extract, almond extract, more cinnamon, etc.
    • Sprinkle in other spices such as ground nutmeg, cardamom, anise, or ginger to mimic the taste of traditional speculoos cookies
    • Add fun items after processing like chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc.
    • Fold in crushed cookie pieces after pulsing in the food processor to make a “crunchy” cookie butter
Nutrition Information Per 2-Tablespoon Serving (Makes 8 servings):
82 calories, 5.2 gm fat, 1.6 gm saturated fat, 6 gm carbohydrates, 2.6 gm protein, 1.2 gm fiber, 68 mg sodium, 0 mg cholesterol  
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